Your Destination

The Northleach Mechanical Music Museum is a living museum of the extraordinary variety of self-playing musical instruments and automata which were the pride and joy of our Great Grandparents, and the only kind of "canned" musical entertainment available in the home before regular broadcasting started up in 1924.

All the instruments are maintained in the most perfect possible order in our world-famous workshops on the premises, and introduced and played by our well informed guides in the form of a live entertainment.

Or why not bring your own music box or clock with you for a free estimate for restoration in our work class workshops?



Listen with friends

Many of our visitors come again and again, and bring their friends, as there is always some new discovery to be made. Visiting exhibits have included two magnificent organ clocks with automata made by George pike of London in the eighteenth century, one from Kensington Palace and another formerly the property of Catherine the Great, both of which were sent to us for rebuilding in our workshops.


See the forerunners of technology that we now all take for granted.


Listen to Grieg, Paderewski, Rachmaninov and Gerschwin giving concert performances of their own compositions, 'live" on our reproducing pianos, in the intimacy of our Victorian music room. Hear the latest in "hi-fi" from the 1930s on our enormous E.M.G. handmade gramophone.